"My paintings are influenced and inspired by my travels and by the sights I see on my journeys. It’s so good to be a global citizen. 

There is so much to learn and value about our world. I’m very thankful to India for teaching me everything I know about the power and joy of colour. Pure colour is so thrilling and I feel passionate about it. It makes me feel alive and so positive and I want to share this love of colour through my paintings. 

I like to see how other people live their lives every day and I like to draw and record it. I’m curious about the world and I want to depict it. 

It’s all so fascinating. 

I want to show the change of seasons and foods in my paintings, a love of nature too and a respect for the sun and the moon. 

Mother Nature is universal and we are stardust."

Christopher Corr 2018


As I sit down to write this on a still and overcast January dayI realise the perfect antidote to 'greyness' is the wonderful work of Christopher Corr. What a delight it is when often, by surprisea new set of Corr paintings arrive exuding positivity and happiness in their colour - colours that are almost flavours of the most enchanting sweets that have yet to be invented. The exuberance of these ever changing portraits are created from a modest man who is infinitely charming.

Originally from Camden TownCorr now lives and works in the heart of the City of London. He formerly trained as a graphic designer in Manchester before achieving a Masters from the Royal College of Art, London. As well as being a tutor of art at Goldsmiths University and West Dean College in West SussexCorr has gained a wealth of awards and commissions for his beautiful imagination and observation of the world he paints creating illustrative work for IkeaHabitatLondon Aids TrustLondon TransportQantas and Royal Mail among many others.

The Edition Solo is thrilled to be hosting this exhibition. Thank you for visiting and possibly purchasing too!