"In between intense periods of paintingI like to visit inspirational country houses and exhibitionsI also try to get to a few car boot sales for pots, Staffordshire figures and plantsI'm also looking for wallpaper designs and book covers wherever I goI am continually drawing painting watercolour sketches of these finds - this is where I work out the composition and colour.

Given the luxury of timeI enjoy working on one painting at a time - from idea through drawingpainting and finishing offI love to produce a painting whilst I am excited and inspired by a particular designflower or cup.

When I have a lot of paintings to get ready for a showI have a different approachI gather all my inspirational pictures in my sketchbooks and draw out all the ideas on primed boards - at this stage I can apply colour to a number of paintings at onceThe differences and details are the last part of my process."

Debbie George July 2018

Born in 1970 in Nottinghamshire, Debbie grew up with an artistic mother and a house full of antiques with paintings lining the walls and by 8 years of age, Debbie knew she wanted to be a painter.

Today, her studio overlooks the beautiful surrounding countryside of Holmfirth, Yorkshire, where it is filled with vintage ceramic pieces that have been collected over the years. Alongside, are treasured finds of nests, feathers and shells that sit ready to be drawn into a painting with perhaps a distant landscape, and of course Debbie's distinct array of floral observation which is particularly inspired by the spring flowers in her own garden. 

There is an almost indescribable charm in Debbie's work - it takes you briefly to another era by her clever ability to use sandpaper and rags to pull back her wonderful palette of colours, working subtly with the surface while using her scalpel to outline areas, piquing the interest of the onlooker. It is through her diligence and never-ending passion and inspiration for painting that Debbie has achieved extensive success which is so richly deserved.

The Edition is delighted to be hosting this second solo exhibition with Debbie. I hope you enjoy viewing the paintings and perhaps purchasing one too!