"I often put figures or creatures in my work; it speaks to peopleBefore I painted full-time I was a cartoonistmaking characters is part of who I am.

The portraits began as an asidea burlesque parodyreinventions of another world who probably inhabit the interiors I paintThey usually stare directly at the viewerI like the combination of smouldering aristocracy with bizarre petsMy extended family is largethere are lots of old photos collections stories they fascinate me.

The colours are considered; Sometimes fairly traditional often vivid and luminous - they're flamboyant inventions not representations."

Sarah Raphael BalmeSeptember 2018


Sarah grew up in North London in a house of artistic influence with visiting artists and writers as well as a mother who paintedHaving studied Illustration at Chelsea School of ArtSarah's work encompasses the influence of her background in cartoon as well as the artists she admires - "I look at a lot of art from 20th century greats like Bonnard and Matisse to Christopher Wood or Julian TrevelyanI love formal portraits; and renaissance icons...I also like to draw from folk art and fabrics too; I can't resist fabrics."

The Edition Solo is delighted to be hosting this exhibition of thirty new portraitseach with their own untold storySarah's talent enchants with its subtletyin capturing the light of face yet the distinct character through colourclothing and eye - may you enjoy their collective presence!

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