"I am extremely happy to be sharing thirty new works in my first solo show with The Edition.

Anticipating that the exhibition would take place in the springI have tried to create work that is bright and playfulThe palette is inspired by the flowers that appear at this time of year - the sudden burst of colour after months of grey and brown.

All of the works are painted in gouacheone of my favourite mediums. It really suits the illustrative style of my work and allows me to try different textures and tones.

As always I have painted my favourite things - ceramics I have collectedmuseum piecesjoyous patternscheerful birds and animal companions.

A real mix of characters have emerged from the work and it has been fun to see them developIn some of the paintings you can see them subtly interacting.

I hope you enjoy this menagerie painted between December 2017 and April 2018."

Unity Coombes

Unity's paintings are always an absolute delight to receive - never quite knowing which animal or bird might appear beneath the tissue paper! It was quite by chance I discovered the wonders of Unityher choice of colours drew me in with her beautiful eye for detail and the ability to master pattern on patternHaving studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Artit was here that printmaking was a huge influence on Unity's artistic development and mark making "I truly learnt to draw through printmaking." Unity now lives and works in Oxfordshire but originally is from Cornwall where she grew up in an artistic environment with both parents being artists and her home being a source of observational inspiration with arteclectic objects and booksTodayshe paints from her studio in the garden creating these enchanting pieces to adore and collect! I am thrilled to be holding this space for Unity - thank you for taking a visit and possibly purchasing a wonderful original Coombes!

With good wishes,